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Get even more transparency around your privacy. This approach is about having faith that learning is natural and happening all the time. Our boys spend their time doing the things they love and are free to play. Calendars — online and print friendly — for any year and month. Suunav ja soovitav sõnaraamat.

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But would you consider home education? Our eldest son, Archie 8 started school at 4. I had my concerns but he settled well in his first term at a small village school, and then things started to go wrong.

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He became increasingly anxious, his learning regressed and he was failing to meet targets. Constantly focussing on what might be wrong with Archie was depressing and began to make us lose sight of the things Pokemon Revolution Online Trading System were right with our bright, charismatic little Bitcoin artikli nimi Robinhood. I began to research how children learn, particularly children like Archie who are highly sensitive, bright and inquisitive, but lack essential classroom skills: sitting still, concentrating and listening.

Meanwhile, boys are often left floundering. It felt wonderful to just roll with our summer, taking a family holiday in the first two weeks of term that year was liberating and so much cheaper. Statistics are difficult to pin down for those who choose to home educate EHE — elective home education.

Latest figures July record 27, children in England and Wales. Families who chose to home educate as a lifestyle choice, and who did not apply for a school place, are unknown to the local authority unless they choose to get in touch, despite no obligation to do so.

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The estimate, according to Education Otherwise is likely to be in excess of 40, This approach is about having faith that learning is natural and happening all the time. Our boys spend their time doing the things they love and are free to play.

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Much of their learning is incidental. Many home educating families we know prefer this unstructured approach but just as many follow a curriculum instead Montessori, Steiner, etc. I prefer not to compare him to his peers these days, I left that attitude at the school gate. Jody 4 is a very different child. Usually two or three days a week we join others at organised groups or sessions.

Our favourite is a weekly gymnastics class.

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Another is a social group at a nearby beach, a natural playground where they engage in imaginary play with friends. Sometimes we meet in a local orchard or woods instead, where tree climbing, fire lighting, and water play are the main unstructured activities.

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Archie attends a youth theatre class and Jody spends a morning each week with Grandma, baking Pokemon Revolution Online Trading System gardening. Our lives are rich and full. If they need extra sleep they can lay in and so can I. They socialise every day — with the postman, with our next door neighbours, with their grandparents, with people on the bus, and other home educating families: babies, toddlers, peers and teenagers.

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  3. But would you consider home education?
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Spending the majority of your time with people exactly the same age, tends to lead to unnaturally high levels of competitiveness, and in extreme cases, bullying. How would they fare if they went into the school system? Research shows that this is not an ideal school starting age, both academically and emotionally, particularly for boys. This confidence might get them into trouble.

Home educated children tend to question, not just other children, but adults too.


But in the classroom this could be perceived as naughty behaviour. The law here places responsibility for the education of a child in the hands of the parents. Home educated teens often decide to take IGCSEs, usually with great results because they can choose to take a few subjects each year, for an extended period of time, rather than the more typical situation of cramming for exams and coursework for 10 different subjects in an intensive school year.

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We take advantage of empty beaches, quiet museums, and cheaper holidays. For those thinking of home educating, I encourage you wholeheartedly.

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Join local home ed Facebook groups and attend some meet ups so you can ask questions. If you take the plunge, prepare to face doubters with confidence. Prepare also to have the occasional wobble yourself. Create a learning-rich environment for your children: have loads of books, art and craft supplies and games available so that when they have an idea for an activity, you can make it happen.

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Above all, trust in the process. Your child learnt to crawl, walk, talk, and question, simply by interacting, watching and trying.

In fact, it never stops.

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Crucially, try hard not to compare them or yourself with others. Ask yourself is my child happy? Are they loving what they do? This is really all that matters. Louise Gibbens is a home-educating mum to two boys, Archie 8 and Jody 4. They live near Canterbury. Before moving to the countryside, Louise worked as the Information and Membership manager of a London-based trade association.

Louise loves photography and has an unhealthy obsession with kids fashion. Or does home educating feel like a leap too far?