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See on täiesti vale, sest iga maakler on oma miinused. IQ Optioni võib siiski pidada finantsturu väravaks. Sõltumata sellest, millise vara valite, on toimimistehnika sama. Kuid turu liikumist on väga raske ennustada.

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It is a great opportunity to remind you how we pay commission for every trading tool. Options commission You receive 2.

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Website update — trading stats in the statistics section A small, but necessary update has recently appeared on the affiliate website. With its help you can now see profits in a cross-section and in more detail.

You have access to IQ Option Tehingute naitajad regarding the exact number of trades on different trading instruments, as well as the amount of profit earned from them.

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  • Binaarsetele valikutele investeerimine tähendab suurt riski.

Just a couple of notes to take into consideration: The number of trades is being updated real-time. The data for all the instruments is available starting October 3rd.

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Profit Kaubandusvoimaluste ulatus Forex trades is added to the balance at the end of each day. This precise monitoring tool gives you many opportunities for analyzing and honing your performance, so use it to your advantage!

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Do you know someone, who has traffic sources and might be interested in participating in the affiliate program? Why not invite them to join iqoption family?

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As you might know, iqoption has a sub-affiliate program, which allows you to invite your fellow marketers to join. Having someone to share the experience is the best way to keep motivated.

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Have fun and prosper!