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News From July 1, a new form of international motor insurance policy, called the green card, will apply.

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Insurance companies can issue a green card electronically as a PDF file. In this case, the vehicle user must print it on white paper before traveling abroad. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, for example, will continue to print international motor insurance policies on green paper Despite the color of the paper, there shouldn't be any problems occurring while driving abroad because every country's authorities have been informed about the transition to the new form," said Pajo.

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is no longer marked as a European Economic Area country SB Professional Trading System the form of a new green card, which is why the green card must be carried when traveling there.

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Green cards issued on green paper until July 1 are still valid and do not need to be exchanged. The LKF is an Estonian green card bureau, traffic insurance guarantee fund, registrar of traffic insurance, and compulsory insurer of vehicles without a traffic insurance contract.

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LKF indemnifies for damage caused by unregistered cars, compulsory insurance, and unidentified vehicles. LKF also organizes the settlement of motor third party liability insurance disputes through the motor third party liability insurance conciliation body.

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An overview of green card countries and motor insurance rules on the website of the Council of Green Card Bureaux. Editor: Katriin Eikin Sein.

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