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Iga uus investeerimisraund suurendab ka olemasolevate optsioonide väärtust. The decision attracted some criticism at the meeting for being somewhat ungenerous, in that it favoured the US employees.

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Why i blog as a startup CEO? First about the situation — We started UpSteem. Since then we have been developing the product, pivoting, selling and bootstrapping.

Startup Lawyer — Options Oma pakkumistes oleme kasutanud alusena ja eeskujuna ka Bufferi mudelit. Samas sellist avalikku mudelit saab ilmselt paremini kasutada, kui sellega on alustatud juba üsna noore ettevõtte puhul ning avatust on järgitud alates kolmandast töötajast. Meie puhul see valik kõne alla ei tulnud ja seega oleme seda modifitseerinud. Optsioonide mõte Optsioonide mõte on siduda ettevõtte juhid, asutajad ja investorid ning võtmetöötajad töötama ühtsete eesmärkide nimel.

It has been 4,5 years to point of around 30 customers, total revenue more than K and talks with investors about scaling the business. As a startup CEO you do not have time.


Is blogging a good idea then? My guess is that it helps you save time on some issues, as follows: 1.

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Be open towards your possible investors, clients and business partners, look like actual human As you are a startup, nobody knows you. If You are not a serial entrepreneur already.

So you have to get acquainted and people want to know about you.

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They actually would like to know some personal staff also — share them. It shows, that you are a human too. As Stock Options tootajad and especially for your cooperators is important to understand what and how you think about your business. This can also save your Stock Options tootajad — you can gather and rethink answers to common questions what you get from investors or clients and blog on those.

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It gives you a reason to re-think your important issues and later you can refer to them in any other correspondence or your future partners can read those in your blog. Your investors and cooperation partners are interested on how they will make money.

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Sometimes it is not just to write to them on your company blog. It is extremely hard to introduce a new culture in the times of growth when nobody knows whats the rules are.

Published on: 27 Märts Author: English en An increasing number of companies listed on the Swedish stock exchange are offering their employees share option programmes worth up to several billion SEK, and the early months of saw the announcement of new schemes in firms such as Swedbank and Skandia.

So you should deal with your organizational culture from day one. This is a way to address your employees or write down the most important values and explain them to everybody.

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Gather your people around common values and make rules simple. When you are doing sales, pitching or trying to negotiate a killer-deal with your next re-seller you just can not be there.

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So your managers also need stuff to explain to newcomers how work is done and what is expected in terms of attitude and behavior. This is something what is your job — and nobody can do it better than you. Share useful stuff.

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You are testing them and trying to Stock Options tootajad out which is the best for you. I mean lists like: 10 marketing blogs for Lumber industry, 5 competitors to Git-hub and Top 10 lead nurturing tricks we use. So the lists of services are handy.

This is the educational and process-functional part of business.


You do not have to keep those lists by you self, you should take care, that everybody in your company just knows them. Towards your employees you have to say — we are using these services to do that for those reasons. Again — you need a place to make it public.

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Lists are actually really important — because new start-ups or users usually look up comments and comparisions for services — so you can get marketing and homepage traffic out of that.

For technology startups it is important to share information about technologies what are in place — it can be good way to attract additional talent.


Be attractive! If we set apart that there is also a on-line marketing value on blogging, the main value for startup would be the attractive open spirit that you are sharing.

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You have to be really transparent. The main benefits on that are that you can attract more talent to your company, attract more clients and investors. So by being open and making things simplier you help everybody to succeed.

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