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Some limited progress has 6 Viva Vaquita! Freckles 15 - Freckles continued to be sure we know she s out there, but keeps a bit of mystery about her! Kelly has reviewed much of the Bimini videotapes and I have been logging data from our RIMS study site to examine the quality of dolphin social relationships but more on that in the next issue. The purchase of new research equipment e.

Point Church App on loodud selleks, et aidata teil leida, ühendada ja tegeleda elu andva kogukonnaga. Kas te pole kunagi olnud ükski meie jumalateenistuse kogemustest või kui olete meie unistuste meeskonnas, on sinu jaoks midagi.

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Saada juurdepääs sõnumitele, sündmustele, teenimisviisidele, palvele ja muule. Oluline on teada: - Me loome keskkondi, kus kõik inimesed saavad Jumalaga kokku puutuda - Sa võid kuuluda enne, kui usud - Me hindame usaldust, tingimusteta armastust, meeskonnatööd, suuremeelsust ja asjade paremaks muutmist Me kõik oleme vaimsel teel.

Laadige Point Point Appsi täna alla ja aidake teil võtta järgmine samm. We thought Inka might have some noticeable spots this year, but she did not. Perhaps next year she ll have a big spotspurt! Noodle 94 - Noodle on the other hand gained many new spots since She is still a bow rider and even did so bellyup, just like she used to when she was a calf!

Milo 96 - Milo was seen so often inthat it made it hard to remember what it was like before he was in our photo-id catalog! Trading Dolphins Milo was with similarly aged males, but other times he was busy chasing girls!

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Most videos are logged. Many still photographs are ID d. In the last issue of the Gazette, readers heard about our successful field courses, our summer interns, the tourists we were able to interact with, the edcuational talks we gave and more.


Since then, we ve had about a dozen more dolphin trips, bringing the total to 77 trips. During her visit, I was able to introduce her to Bimini s wild Atlantic spotted dolphins, as well as show her how DCP interacts with guests during dolphin trips.

I was then able to join Linzi as she visited all three campuses of Bimini s public schools see photo for fantastic programs on endgangered species, coral reefs and marine debris. Then, it was beach clean-up time!

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We were joined by the previous day s dolphin trip passengers and as the morning progressed, a great group of locals joined in too! There was a second round of clean-up efforts on Linzi s last day, bringing our total trash collection to nearly 30 bags of trash, plus recycling and bulk items. And, of course, there were all the dolphins we saw!

If you haven t already, please turn back to page 2 for a summary of the individual Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphins we observed.

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And check out page 8 for the newest Name-A-Dolphin nominee! A bottlenose dolphin, on a November dolphin trip Thank you to everyone who followed our field reports at www. Cheers, Kel 4 5 The vaquita Phocoena sinus, often previously called the Gulf of California harbor porpoise has been recognized as a rare and vulnerable species since its scientific discovery a bit over fifty years ago. There are a number of potential threats facing the species including habitat alteration by the drastic reduction of freshwater flow of the Colorado Riverand its limited range in shallow waters of the upper portion of Mexico s Gulf of California is considered to be the smallest of any marine cetacean.

Without a doubt the primary threat facing the species is incidental kills in various fisheries, mainly in several gillnet fisheries. In fact, this is the only well-documented threat to the population, and studies on bycatch have given clear indications that the kills are unsustainable and undoubtedly causing the Trading Dolphins population to decline.

Viva Vaquita! Thomas A. Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, Ph. With the recent discovery that the baiji is likely extinct, the vaquita is now recognized as the most-endangered cetacean species in the world.

Based on abundance estimated inthere are thought to be less than vaquitas remaining. Based on expected levels of decline, this means there is a window of a few years in which to implement solutions to save the species. After that, it Trading Dolphins likely be too late. In recent years, there been virtually unanimous agreement among researchers and conservationists that what is needed to save the species is complete elimination of gillnet mortality.

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Some limited progress has 6 Viva Vaquita! It is now clearly seen that the only hope for the species is a program that eliminates gillnets, while at the same time providing economic incentives and aid to the affected fishermen to find alternative sources of income.

What is currently needed is the public support to raise the several million US dollars required to implement the plan. Green groups often successfully use Trading Dolphins of wildlife to focus their fund-raising efforts and obtain sympathy for endangered species a clear example is Toronto aktsiate tehingud giant panda, in which images of this large, attractive animal were instrumental in gaining sympathy for its effective conservation.

This has been difficult with the vaquita, which is also a large, attractive animal and with a unique appearance, quite different from any of the other six porpoise species.

Until recently, there existed no high-quality photos or video of the vaquita in nature.

Artiklid tootajate aktsiaoptsioonide kohta

It was thought that the species was so elusive and shy that such images could not be obtained. However, in Octoberwe conducted a photographic pilot study on vaquitas in the northern Gulf of California. Using a sportfishing vessel, we were able to get close to vaquitas on a number of occasions and to obtain many high-quality images of them alive in nature. These are currently being used by several NGOs and others to publicize the plight of the species and gain support for its conservation.

A preliminary photo-identification catalog of six individuals has been established, and further photo-identification can provide answers to many of the critical questions. There is also a strong need to continue efforts to keep the vaquita issue at the forefront of endangered species discussions.

There are still many people even in the surrounding areas of northern Baja California and southern Trading Dolphins central California who do not know about the vaquita s plight. The field portion of this course will take place on Bimini, a small island in The Bahamas around which groups of wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins frequent. When is the course?

The field portion of Trading Dolphins course begins on 28 Mayin Bimini. Students depart Bimini on 9 June What does it cost and how do I apply?

December winter is nearly here! Happy Holiday Season! I am simply amazed at how fast has flown by! We have had a very productive few months with data processing.

What is included in the course fee? All proceeds from the sale of the Team Dolphin badge will benefit the research and education efforts of the Dolphin Communication Project.

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Made of durable polyester with an adhesive backing, each is perfect for sharing with the world what you love most. To purchase, vist: And remember, you can also get great DCP Holiday Gear at So, if you are looking for a fun t-shirt or perhaps sweatshirt this time of year!

A portion of all orders goes directly to the Dolphin Communication Project.

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Already weighed down by stuff? Considering giving a donation or membership to DCP as a gift for someone! To donate, please visit 8 9 Name-A-Dolphin DCP is proud to announce the latest opportunity for you to name a wild Atlantic spotted dolphin! DCP Trading Dolphins is a juvenile female. She was first seen off the island of Bimini, The Bahamas inbut was not added to DCP s photo-id catalog until Because she was already independent from her mother, we do not know whose calf she is.

Although she has one faint scar, overall ID is a clean young dolphin with no major scars on her body. So, researchers rely on her spot pattern to identify her. Under her left pectoral fin, she has two spots - like a human having two freckles in her armpit!

All Information about:

InID was seen with fellow juvenile females Tilly 87 and Noodle 94 as well as younger dolphins who are too young to be cataloged. Who will she hang out with next year? Now that you know a bit more aboutwhat name do you think suits her best? If you ve got a name in mind, you can purchase your name-a-dolphin kit today! To nameplease visit: After you make your purchase using PayPal via the DCP website we will contact you for Trading Dolphins information about the name you ve chosen.

What you will receive in your Name-A-Dolphin kit personal Trading Dolphins letter a certificate of naming a photo of your named dolphin suitable for framing a biography of your named dolphin a DVD with unique footage of the dolphin you have name a track on the adopt-a-dolpgun DVD a dolphin DVD with footage of the Bimini dolphin group a personalized adoption t-shirt showcasing an image of your named dolphin Atlantic spotted dolphins fact sheet information about DCP and our research around Bimini Dolphins: The Lighter Side DVD A copy of the book Dolphin Mysteries, signed by Dr.

A tribute to those beloved Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphins that might no longer be with us Researchers at DCP are regularly confronted with the harsh realities of life in the ocean for dolphin species. When we observe the wild dolphins of Bimini, we know that each individual faces daily challenges from finding enough food to fighting illness and avoiding predators. These challenges do not always result in happy endings for our dolphin friends, and many individuals both young and old can succumbed to disease, starvation, or predator attacks.

We rarely witness the death of an individual dolphin, or stumble across dead animals in the open ocean. Often times, when we stop observing an individual dolphin during our research expeditions, we are forced to conclude that an animal might have died.

But we have learned from our research throughout the world that not seeing a given individual one season doesn t mean that individual has necessarily died.

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Perhaps they are simply avoiding our research boat, or maybe they ve moved to another part of the ocean and are otherwise happy and healthy.

It s White Blotch inher last always possible that they will make an appearance again in a few years. But when an animal has not been seen for two or more years at Bimini, we begin to suspect that the animal just might have passed away. This year, we have to step back and ask ourselves these tough questions about White Blotch 29Finn 09 and Nemo None of these individuals was seen in or It is entirely possible that they have either died, or left the Bimini area forever.

For this reason, we are remov- Could Nemo be a new mom, avoiding the boat? Current adoptive parents will continue to have the option to Trading Dolphins their adoptions of these three individuals; however, we will not issue adoption kits for new supporters. Because we cannot update the adoption kits with new photos, video or sighting details, it would be unfair of us to continue to sell their kits.

Although we suspect we have seen Vincent 11 and JoAnne 86 in recent years, we will also suspend new adoptions of them as well since, for the second year in a row, we do not have new photos or video to share with their adoptive parents. As DCP supporters and Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin parents, we encourage you to use this update as an opportunity to contemplate the realities of life in the wild for dolphins Trading Dolphins other animals, and how difficult it is for researchers to really know what happens to our dolphin friends under the waves.

Dolphins are but one fragile strand in the beautiful and complex web of nature, and like all living beings that call this web home, a dolphin s life story has a beginning, middle, and end. But don t lose hope just yet we can t say for certain just where we are when it comes to the story of White Blotch, Finn, Nemo, Vincent, or JoAnne!

We will continue to look for all of our catalogued dolphins, and we ll be the first to let you know if these missing individuals should suddenly re-appear! Dolphins currently up for adoption Adopting a wild dolphin with DCP helps to fund: An official adoption certificate Photograph of your adopted dolphin Details on how to download dolphin vocalizations from the Bimini adopt-adolphins as a ringtone or audio file DVD containing video of the Bimini dolphins Biography of your adopted dolphin Welcome letter and registration info Trading Dolphins Booklet with Atlantic spotted dolphin fact sheet and info about the Dolphin Communication Project Dolphin trading card sample?