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Using open fire for preparing food is prohibited in the halls of the Estonian Fairs Centre. In terms of its design, the act was centred on the establishment of an exchange in Christiania, but it did permit other exchanges to be set up in other cities using the same template. The standard height of the construction elements used in stand construction works shall be 2. The Exhibitor is responsible for the ethical look of the advertising material in its stand. In the face of difficult times, the weak equity financing of Norwegian businesses was high on the political agenda. New initiatives — such as radio broadcasts, an advertising school, and popular courses in French business correspondence — suggest that Oslo Børs was trying to find new ways of facilitating commerce.

Considering the character of the particular exhibition or fair, the Organisers have the right to involve other caterers in organising catering.

Using open fire for preparing food is prohibited in the halls of the Estonian Fairs Centre. The enterprise interested in organising catering is obliged to install spot ventilation that ensures the capture and exiting of the steam, gases and odours involved in cooking.

Organiser of catering is obliged to follow the fulfilment of hygiene- sanitary- and cleanliness requirements in the catering space, including the quality and preservation of the foodstuff, cooking and serving, clothing of the attendants, continuous cleaning of the used dishes, emptying trash bins into the specified trash cans situated on the outdoor territory of the Estonian Fairs Centre, etc.

Smoking in the catering places is forbidden.

As of to date, however, we have entered into cooperation agreements with many different maritime domain related companies, suppliers and manufacturers. At present, we import a variety of marine goods and products to Estonia from more than 70 different cooperation partners worldwide. In addition to wholesale, we started developing webstore www. Based on the knowledge and the demands of our customers we have consistently worked on improving our range of products and naturally the quality of service.

The organisers of the catering have the responsibility to observe the non-smoking restriction in its catering place.

SPECIAL TERMS Terms that are not laid down in these general terms of participation or terms that are connected with organising particular exhibitions and fairs, their fulfilment procedures, and the responsibility resulting from the non-fulfilment or inopportune fulfilment of the terms shall be additionally co-ordinated before the arrangement of the given event.

For exhibitors

It is forbidden to use lifting transport vehicles that do not have or do not use the correspondent additional equipment in the halls of the Estonian Fairs Centre. Exhibitor does not have the right to occupy the reserved exhibition area in the particular exhibition or fair before it has registered its arrival at the official representative of the Organiser or in the service bureau of the particular exhibition or fair.

Exhibitor accepts responsibility for the exhibition equipment and inventory given to it, from the moment of reception to the returning them to the organiser, after dismantling its exhibition. Exhibitor is obliged to remove adhesive tapes, sticker- and advertisement materials installed by the Exhibitor or its Co-exhibitors.

The sole right to perform the respective connections shall belong to Estonian Fairs Ltd and the respective orders shall be fulfilled, taking into consideration the technical conditions and safety requirements of the halls of the Estonian Fairs Centre. Upon the performance of the water and drainage connections in Hall D of the Estonian Fairs Centre, additional technical conditions and restrictions have been laid out by the Organiser. In Hall D, it is forbidden to expose aquaria and pools filled with water or to use them as design element, as well as to use flowing water in bathtubs, pools and other containers and receptacles. It is prohibited to block the water and drainage connections and utility lines leading to the exhibits and fittings in need of water and drainage connections in the form and places which disable an operational access to them. The Exhibits sent to the particular exhibition or trade fair must be sent no earlier than within 3 days prior to the commencement of the work period of the particular exhibition or trade fair unless a respective agreement has been reached upon with the Organiser on the address: Estonian Fairs Centre — Pirita Street 28, Tallinn.

In case the Exhibitor leaves the exhibition or fair without removing sticker advertisements, it is obliged to pay the Organisers the cost for removing the aforementioned advertisements.

Exhibitor is obliged to compensate the organisers the cost of inventory damaged by the Exhibitor or its Co-exhibitor in the course of removing the advertisements.

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Exhibitor accepts responsibility for the actions of its employees or involved third parties and is obliged to compensate for the substantial damages caused by them. Exhibitor accepts responsibility for damaging or losing the exhibits, constructions, etc. Exhibitor decides upon insuring its exhibits and other properties in the particular exhibition or fair period and bears the responsibility for the possible consequences of non-insuring its material properties.


The loss event will be fixed in the form of an act between Exhibitor and Organiser. Oral statements about disappearance of, or damages to, the properties shall not be taken into account and they shall not be discussed.

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Organiser does not take responsibility for damages incurred by Force Majeure, and also by visitors, other Exhibitors and their Co-exhibitors. Organiser accepts responsibility for variety, display, marking and working order of the firefighting equipment. Organiser does not accept responsibility for damages or disappearance of exhibits, constructions, etc. FORCE MAJEURE Organiser has the right to cancel or postpone the preparatory work or organising particular exhibition and fair when the need for cancelling is caused by Force Majeure — act of war, activities of the nature forces, activities of the authority of the state and authorities of the government, terrorism, etc.

The history in words and pictures

In case the organising of the particular exhibition or fair proves to be impossible, the Organiser terminates the Contract with the Exhibitor and returns the sums transferred by the Exhibitor. Participation fee is non-returnable and shall not be refunded. SANCTIONS In case of deliberate ignoring or violation of regulations specified in these general terms of participation the Organiser has the right to exact from the Exhibitor the fine in the amount of two participation fees of the particular exhibition or fair.

Complaints submitter after that period shall not be taken into account and shall not be discussed. The complaints shall be solved by negotiations. If the agreement is not reached, the disagreements and complaints shall be solved in Harju County Court, following the legislation of Kuumim aktsiaoptsioonitehingud Republic of Estonia.

The Estonian version of the general terms of participation of the Estonian Fairs Centre shall take precedence over other language versions, in case there are disagreements in interpreting.

Estonian Fairs Ltd has the right to alter and complement these general terms of participation.

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Organisers and Exhibitors shall be notified about all alterations and complements. It is possible to get help and advice from the Estonian Fairs Ltd also when planning and designing the Exposition Stand.

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The Exhibitor shall be obliged to adhere to the deadlines for mounting and dismounting works stipulated in the terms and conditions for participation in the particular exhibition or trade fair and the fire safety, occupational health and safety and work safety rules effective in the Estonian Fairs Centre.

The standard height of the construction elements used in stand construction works shall be 2. While using constructions exceeding the said height, a clearance on behalf of the Estonian Fairs Ltd shall be required. Upon using a visual advertising exceeding the standard height of the stand, the mounting of the advertising carrier shall be coordinated with the Estonian Fairs Ltd and it shall be located 2 meters inward the stand border.

Christiania Børs also set up its own evening classes for those undertaking apprenticeships in commerce.

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The war generated a prodigious amount of revenue for Norwegian ship owners and an abundant supply of funds for the Norwegian economy, and this found its way into a massive wave of speculation in ships and shares in shipping companies in the period. This wave of wild speculation transformed the exchange and brought it to the attention of the entire population.

After the war, share prices fell sharply, with trading volumes falling by even more.

Norsk The history in words and pictures Oslo Børs celebrated its th anniversary in

The level of securities trading seen in the interwar period was higher than before the war but was still only a shadow of the activity levels seen during the war. Only in some specific sub-markets, above all in whaling companies, did the level of trading remain as before. For Christiania Børs, which in this period changed its name to Oslo Børs, the boom was therefore an episode that gave rise to strongly held ideas about what a stock exchange was, but such ideas bore little relation to what it actually did or to the significance it would come to have over the subsequent fifty years.

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Instead, the interwar period was the last heyday for Oslo Børs as the home of commerce. New initiatives — such Edinburghi ulikool radio broadcasts, an advertising school, and popular courses in French business correspondence — suggest that Oslo Børs was trying to find new ways of facilitating commerce.

It was, though, battling against a headwind in this work. Its biggest competitive advantage as a meeting place — the access it provided to information — was being eroded as the information it offered was gradually becoming available via new channels and more cheaply.

Similarly, the development of telephony, and not least the frequency with which telephony services were used, resulted in fewer people travelling to Tollbugata 2.

At the same time, Oslo Børs was a victim of the urban growth to which it had contributed in that its location was no longer as central to the city as it had been when it was built in The biggest of these was preventing the building from being requisitioned by occupying forces and preventing Oslo Børs from being taken over and run by Nazi sympathisers.

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The Exchange Commissioner and the Exchange Committee essentially succeeded in this work, even if the Committee was supplemented with a couple of government representatives for this new period. As a consequence, important issues were resolved elsewhere.

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Peace brought further challenges for Oslo Børs. The price restrictions introduced during the war were continued. Its function as a venue for the listing of prices for commodities therefore essentially came to an end, even though it continued to include the prices set by the authorities in its lists for many years.

The final commodity for which prices were actually listed was eggs, and this ceased at the end of The post-war years were therefore the swansong for Oslo Børs as an arena for merchants.

Its strategy for generating growth and welfare provision was centred on a high level of investment, a policy of low interest rates, and the political management of resource allocation.

Such thinking affords little space for an exchange-based debt market. For large Norwegian businesses, particularly those that were export-oriented, this was not a problem. Their ability to access cheap debt capital also made it much less attractive to raise new equity. Oslo Børs survived during these years due to its basis in legislation, its building and the strength of its finances relative to the circumstances.

As an organisation, it was small, with employees. Its secondary market was illiquid, and many securities were traded only infrequently.

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Some episodes — such as the mini-boom associated with the initial public listing of companies at the start of the s — resulted in higher levels of activity for a period, but did not lead to lasting change in the exchange's role in the economy. It is a stock exchange with a liquid secondary market that plays a central role in providing debt and equity capital financing to business and industry. The pro-interventionist regulatory regime of the post-war years fell apart at the seams.

Free-market thinking was in the ascendant.

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International recessions hit established export industries at the same time as oil began to make its mark on the economy. Based on the knowledge and the demands of our customers we have consistently worked on improving our range of products and naturally the quality of service. Our company firmly believes that things of value are born in cooperation and we would like to give our best to this cooperation. We look forward to your feedback and questions on relevant issues, in order to maintain existing and create new customer relations and forms of cooperation.