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Kõige suurem lemmik aga on vaieldamatult sinine, ja seda kõigis varjundites. Frustration mounts until eventually it dawns on the bee that he has been had. Dead birds and their faeces should be buried.

Other ingredients: sorbitol, purified water, raspberry extract berrycitric acid, natural flavour. Especially developed for kindergarden and school-age children. With a good plan, one that includes effective communication measures, the spread of bird flu can be successfully arrested. This simple guide provides key messages and information to achieve this goal. The first objective is to identify the people and communities that are most at risk.


This would constitute the primary audience. It is critical, therefore, that health authorities provide basic information on prevention and control of avian influenza to these people as they are at greatest risk of being exposed to the disease. It is also advisable that this information could be disseminated through other communication channels such as the media, community leaders, nongovernmental organizations and policy-makers.

This would constitute the secondary audience. The second objective is to adopt and adapt these key messages and information for local dissemination and use. The third objective is to provide additional local information that will enable or reinforce positive or desired actions and behaviours of the target audience.

Hotlines, referral numbers and names of key people who could provide help can be added by health officials to this guide. Key steps to ensure the effective use of this guide: • Identify audiences. This is the best way to prevent infection with the bird flu virus. Teach your children the following basic guidelines: o Avoid contact with any birds, their feathers, faeces and other waste.

The slaughter and preparation of such birds for food is dangerous.

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Proper handling of poultry that are ill, suspected of having bird flu or dead is an important control measure to prevent the spread of the disease. Wear protective clothing such as a mask, goggles, gown, rubber boots and gloves.

If these are not available, cover your mouth with a piece of cloth, wear glasses, use plastic bags to cover hands and shoes and fix these tightly around wrists and ankles with a rubber band or string.

Wear overalls that can be washed. Decontamination of the yard or chicken pen will help control the spread of the disease. All organic matter must be removed from poultry houses as much as possible.

The period of exclusion should be longer in cold weather. Removal of surface soil is not normally recommended unless it is heavily contaminated with faeces. Dead birds and their faeces should be buried.

Spraying or sprinkle water to dampen the area first.

Protection Grids

Bury bird carcass and faeces at a depth of at least 1 metre. Influenza viruses are relatively susceptible to a variety of detergents and disinfectants. Contaminated protective clothing should be properly handled or disposed. Hang them in the sun to dry.

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Wash your hair. Footwear should also be decontaminated.

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Wear a plastic bag over your hands, shield your eyes by wearing glasses or goggles, and cover your mouth and nose with a cloth. People who have flu-like illness should take additional precautions.

Where the avian influenza viruses and human influenza viruses come in contact with each other, there is a risk that genetic material will be exchanged and a new virus could emerge. Use a tissue and throw it away once used. Teach children to do this as well. Teach children the importance of hand washing after coughing, sneezing and touching dirty Koik FX valikute kohta. Precautions can be taken when visiting friends or relatives in health-care facilities.

If it doesn't, seek advice from the hospital staff. In affected areas where the presence of bird flu has been confirmed, do not eat poultry meat that comes from dead or sick animals.

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Even healthy-looking poultry of any kind from a bird-flu affected area should not be used for food. In neighbouring areas next to the bird-flu affected area some precautions need to be taken. Seek advice from the agriculture authority about the proper procedure.

It is best to put poultry in boiling water before plucking feathers.

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Trench Trading Systems on piiratud all precautionary measures to ensure that poultry and poultry products are properly prepared and safe to eat. However, remember, if the bird has a transmittable disease, such as bird flu, the person preparing the food is at risk of becoming infected and the environment may become contaminated. Care must be taken in handling raw eggs and shells. Wash shells in soapy water and wash hands afterwards. Eggs, cooked thoroughly hard boiled, 5 minutes, 70oC will not infect the consumer with bird flu.

Posted by Sue at Permalink Comments 0 tõsine medvarustus näide, milline on ühe ameerika metsaselava endise meediku kodused ravimi- ja varustuse tagavarad : nb! This may be as simple a situation as a head cold coming on during a weekend night, or more drastic, such as nothing available after a civil or natural disaster.

Family medical kits Here at home, we've always had a medical kit. Several, in fact. One is quite large, made up of a poly box, originally designed as a field box for trap and skeet shooters. This "drug store on wheels" is a well-packed medical utility box that will handle nearly everything from a cold to severe lacerations.

This one we carry when traveling in remote locations. But while it is loaded with most medical needs, far surpassing a first-aid "kit," it is heavy, weighing over 30 pounds, and it is not something we carry for short trips, pack in our canoe, or carry on horseback. An intermediate kit is lighter and fits into a flat, moderate-sized fishing tackle box.

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While this does not contain such a wide variety of medical supplies and medications, it is a very well thought out first-aid-and then some-medical kit. This is light enough to pack in the canoe if we don't foresee many lengthy portages, when every ounce countswith camp supplies on a horse packing trip, or small enough to take up little room in the truck.

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Besides this kit, we also carry a small first aid kit under the seat of the truck and Suburban, containing bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn Trench Trading Systems on piiratud, sterile gauze, tweezers, aspirin, sterile eye wash, and cold tablets for ourselves and our eight- year-old son, David.

In the glove box is a smaller snap-open plastic box with Bob's oral diabetes medication, my blood pressure pills, and a few aspirin. This has come in handy many times Trench Trading Systems on piiratud someone forgot to take prescribed daily medication or a headache suddenly popped up.

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As the glove box does get hot during the summer, this small stash of meds is rotated routinely to make sure the strength does not fade. Learning to use your kit No matter how comprehensive your medical kit is it can be useless or even harmful if you do not know how to use it safely.

You don't have to have extensive medical treatment to handle most emergencies that occur in real life. Most of ours consist of splinters, minor cuts and scrapes, sprains, and an occasional head cold or the flu. While these are scarcely life-threatening, they are uncomfortable and the afflicted party sure appreciates quick, competent aid. Our family is lucky; I have spent a lifetime as a veterinary field technician riding on calls and acting as an assistant on everything from broken legs to pneumonia.

But you'd be surprised at how much free medical training is out there for you Trench Trading Systems on piiratud pick up. Many communities provide first-aid classes, including invaluable cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR training. During these classes, ask questions to boot up the amount of knowledge you receive. Attend volunteer firemen's training sessions, as available again, ask around. Yep, I know, they're animals, not people, but basically, a mammal is a mammal, especially when it comes to shock, wounds, and common illnesses such as pneumonia.

Pick up a good Voib-olla tasub alustada Bitquoins investeerimist manual which should be in your large medical kit at all times and a book or two from a preparedness company which details medical Kas binaarvalikud tootavad Nigeerias when no doctor or dentist is available.

Then read these manuals carefully. I know they're not great reading, but they can save someone's life. Share the reading with your spouse or older children, and even practice at home. It can be interesting, learning to suture gaping wounds on a piece of that chicken you're having for dinner. After it's butchered and ready to cook, of course. I'm not that morbid. Real life medical treatment basics While some survival first aid manuals assume your family's injuries will need treatment for nuclear blast and gaping wounds, in reality most will be of a much more mundane Trench Trading Systems on piiratud no matter where you are, from arctic tundra to urban sprawl.

They will consist of minor cuts, scrapes, slivers, blisters, the flu, colds, a fish hook in the skin, etc. We have lived for years in very remote locations and, although the worst injury any of us sustained was Bob's green stick fracture of his leg in a snowmobile accident, the most painful was my severely sprained ankle, suffered when I missed a step going downstairs in our farmhouse in "civilization.