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Projektis arendatav uus integreeritud lämmastiku juhtimissüsteem annab osalevatele riikidele - Eestile ja Lätile - ühtlustatud raamistiku, mida hiljem rakendavad Eesti ja Läti ametiasutused. This study ordered by the INTA Committee argues that indirect good governance policies which increase competition and subvert power and economic monopolies or quasi monopolies are far more effective than direct anticorruption policies, which in relying on domestic implementation tend to fall into the vicious circle again.

In this position she was responsible for all EU-related issues in the following policy areas: trade and industrial policy, energy, transport, telecommunications, information society, internal market affairs.

Foreword For a long time, Nordic Energy Research and the Baltic countries have worked closely to develop a thriving exchange of knowledge that adds value to the Nordic-Baltic region. We share many of the same energy challenges on our path toward achieving carbon-neutrality in our respective countries. Therefore, it is in our common interest to cooperate and create opportunities together.

She has two University degrees. At the same faculty he finished his Ph. As an assistant professor at the Department of Special Geodesy at FCE, CTU in Prague, he took part in many research and development programmes and projects as a coordinator as well as a member of a research Virtual Water Trading System.

All these projects were mainly focused on the deformation measurement methods in the field of civil engineering.

Manuel Berglund Erp Manager at Koenigsegg Automotive AB Manuel studied automation as a student and started working in manufacturing industries from a very young age. His interest in technology led him to Koenigsegg 11 years ago and he has learned continually as he has progressed through the ranks.

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He started out as a technician in production and soon after, he became a team leader. From there, he started to work with product quality and as a test driver, the goal being to ensure that their cars were of an appropriate standard before they deliver them to customers. Later, he received an opportunity to start working as Production Manager, which he did for 3 years.

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It was during this time that he pushed the company to take a better advantage of Monitor — the ERP system that they use. That mission continued when he moved to the Purchasing department, learning strategies for procurement and material flows within a manufacturing business.

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Koenigsegg has enjoyed steady growth over recent years and the organisation has changed a lot as a result of that growth. ERP is more important now than ever, and he has taken on the role as ERP Manager to educate staff and to further develop and integrate the ERP system within our business.

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What is the Vision for Manufacturers in Estonia? The start of our journey Where we are today in a digital perspective A live demonstration of one digital tools Manuel Berglund Erp Manager at Koenigsegg Automotive AB Manuel studied automation as a student and started working in manufacturing industries from a very young age.

EU policies — Delivering for citizens: International trade and globalisation The European Community was founded on the belief that economic integration leads to peace and economic prosperity. Trade is therefore a fundamental part of the identity of the European Union EU today. Given the success of the internal market in fostering the longest period of European peace in modern history, the EU considers itself an example of the benefits of trade, globalisation and economic openness.