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Inflation is one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation.

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In the morning it looked like the selling was going to pick up, but the dip-buyers moved in after the lunch hour and helped to produce a finish near the highs of the day. The bulls remain firmly in control.

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Today the primary focus will be on the FOMC interest rate decision. No one is expecting a change in rates, but market players will be scrutinizing the accompanying policy statement for any hints about how long we can expect rates to stay at extremely low levels.

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The biggest obstacle this market faces will be inflationary pressures created by the flood of cheap funds. The only way the Fed has of battling that is higher interest rates, and that is never market-friendly. We don't have any obvious inflationary pressures at the moment, but the market will be keenly focused on any signs DVAX Share Option tehingud prices are rising.

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Even though the market has this potential worry about inflation, it is very unlikely that there will be anything surprising in the FOMC policy statement today. The key language in the last report was, "With substantial resource slack continuing to restrain cost pressures and with longer-term inflation expectations stable, inflation is likely to be DVAX Share Option tehingud for some time.

Overall the market has tended to perform very well on FOMC announcement days over the past year.

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The old adage about not fighting the Fed has applied -- we have generally had positive reactions to the news. The market usually drifts up into the news, and during the past year we have only had aggressive selling on the announcement once. According to Sentimentrader.

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Three times the market was within days of an intermediate-term correction. So the news has been a catalyst for a turning point when we are at highs.

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The market is still quite technically extended, so we need to keep that in mind in the next few days. The current technical condition of the market presents a challenging trading environment.

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There is no question we have a strong uptrend in place, but we have had so little rest recently that it is extremely difficult to be very aggressive with new buying. On the other hand, shorting has been suicide.

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There is just no notable or sustained weakness, and even when we do have a little selling like yesterday morning it doesn't last long enough to allow any shorting.

So here we are with the uptrend showing few signs of weakness and a recent tendency to drift up in front of the FOMC news.

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There is little choice but to remain bullish but keep a very-short-term time frame and stay very vigilant. It hasn't paid to be bearish in front of the Fed, but quite often a strong response to the news is reversed in the next couple days.

We have a slightly positive open shaping up. There is some economic news that may give us a jiggle but primarily we just have to wait for the FOMC announcement before we can do much. Other news: LXRX Analyst comments: WYN