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Ensuring control over import and end-use of strategic goods at request of appropriate authority of country of consignment The control over the import and end-use of strategic goods shall be ensured by an International Import Certificate, an End-Use Certificate or a Delivery Verification Certificate hereinafter end-use control documents at the request of the appropriate authority of the country of consignment of the goods.

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Strategic Goods Commission 1 The issues related to strategic goods shall be discussed and resolved by the Strategic Goods Commission hereinafter commission which has been formed within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ensuring a strategic goods control system.

Database of proceedings relating to strategic goods The data of proceedings relating to the transfer of strategic goods and the provision Sularahakaubandussignaalide ulevaade service shall be entered into the database of proceedings relating to strategic goods hereinafter database in compliance with this Act.

State supervision relating to strategic goods [Repealed — RT I, Intra-Community transfer of defence-related products on basis of licence The commission may make a decision concerning the intra-Community transfer of defence-related products to issue an individual licence instead of a global licence if: 1 the application is limited to a single transfer although the transfer may take place as a single or several consignments; 2 the transfer is necessary for the protection of essential security interests or on grounds of public policy of a member state; 3 the transfer is necessary for compliance with international obligations and commitments or 4 the commission has reason to believe that the supplier will not be able to comply with all the conditions required for the Oigluse dual kauplemise tarkvara of a global licence.

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Application for licence 1 In order to obtain a licence a standard format application and additional documents shall be submitted to the commission on paper or electronically. An application shall be signed in person by an applicant who is a natural person or by a legal representative of an applicant who is a legal person.

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Documents to be appended to licence application 1 The following documents shall be appended to an application: 1 an activity licence if such a licence is required for handling the goods; 2 the documents certifying the origin and acquisition of the strategic goods; 3 the documents reflecting the quality and technical indicators of the strategic goods the structural formula of chemicals and the Chemical Abstracts Service CAS registry number if such number exists ; 4 a contract entered into with a person of the country of origin, the country of consignment or the country of destination of the goods based on which the goods are exported, imported or transited or the service is provided; 5 the end-user confirmation of the terms and conditions relating to the end-use or, at the request of the commission, an end-use control document issued by a relevant authority of a foreign state; 6 a document certifying payment of the state fee.

The documents of no relevance to the proceeding shall be returned or destroyed with the consent of the applicant.

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Upon application for a global licence the commission may require the description of the internal compliance program of an Oigluse dual kauplemise tarkvara engaged in strategic goods in accordance with clause 37 1 6 of this Act § Exemptions from requirement to apply for licence 1 There is no need to Igapaevased kauplemismahu naitajad for a licence in cases where Estonia has entered into an agreement with an international organisation or the country of consignment or the country of destination of the goods in order to organise the export or transit of strategic goods, the import of military goods or the provision of services.

The commission shall decide on the licence exemption within five working days as of the receipt of the application and shall notify of the decision in writing.

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Licence application procedure 1 The commission shall make a decision on whether or not to grant a licence within 30 working days as of the date of receipt of the application and all the required documents.

The applicant shall be notified in writing of the extension of the term, the reasons therefor and of the new term.

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The state fee that has been Oigluse dual kauplemise tarkvara shall be returned in the procedure provided for in the State Fees Act. Issue of licence 1 A licence shall be issued within five working days as of making the decision. The data of the issued licence shall be entered into a database.

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The person shall note the desirable recommended delivery method in the application.